Should I wear a cloth mask or a medical mask to fight the epidemic?

Wearing a cloth mask is soft and easy to breathe, so many people like to use it, but also wonder if wearing a cloth mask is good, can it prevent virus infection?

Should I wear a cloth mask or a medical mask to fight the epidemic

In fact, most types of masks such as 3,4-layer medical masks, 3M masks, N95 medical masks, cloth masks… can be used to prevent droplets from people around such as cough, sneezing, nasal mucus, spitting clinging. Therefore, if people cannot buy medical masks, they should not be too worried, but can instead wear regular cloth masks.
However, wearing a medical mask, also known as an active mask, is a disposable mask, a cloth mask can be used many times, so it is necessary to have several pieces to perform regular washing at least once/ day.

How to wear a mask properly

According to experts, for people in the community, to prevent the epidemic, just wear a cloth mask or a regular 3.4-layer medical mask. Other specialized masks (3M, N95) are for use in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.
When wearing a mask, you must cover both your nose and mouth, avoid touching the mask when wearing it.
For normal medical masks, it is necessary to wear the blue side out and the white side in, with the aluminum clip facing up.
When you want to remove the mask, avoid touching the mask with your hand because it may infect your hands with viruses and other pathogens. When removing, only hold the strap over the ear to remove it.
For regular cloth masks, it is recommended to regularly wash the mask with soap to reuse and regularly wash your hands with soap to prevent illness.

What to do when you forget to bring a mask?

In some cases, if you forget to bring a medical mask, cloth mask, etc., if you want to cough or sneeze or blow your nose, it is best to use a tissue and then put it in a trash can with a lid. cover. If you don’t have a tissue with you, you should cough or sneeze into your elbow, avoid covering your mouth with your hands because when infected hands cough or sneeze, they will stick to objects that the sick person holds such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, stairs, dishes, glasses or shaking hands with others… Therefore, the virus attached to these items has the opportunity to spread to others when they touch them.

Do you really understand all about professional badminton rackets?

The question “do you use professional badminton rackets or professional players?” is making you embarrassed and confused because you don’t know how to answer when you are a longtime player.

You do not understand what is professional badminton racket, a professional badminton racket. Don’t worry, reading the following article will answer all the problems related to professional and professional badminton rackets.

What is a professional badminton racket?

A specialized badminton racket is a phrase used very commonly in the sport of badminton, but not everyone understands its meaning. So below, I will explain the basics of the phrase specialized badminton racket for you
What is a specialist? The simplest understanding is to specialize in attacks. Specialized badminton rackets often support better offensive players.

However, depending on the attacking style of play, there will be different types of specialized badminton rackets. If you have a good racquet that is not suitable for your playing style, that racquet will not do its job well. Here, I will advise you to choose the right racquet for your playing style.

If you are a racquet that specializes in attacking the opponent, it requires you to have abundant physical strength, so you should choose a hard, head-heavy racquet with a moderate head, not too big. You can find famous racquets like Yonex’s Voltric and Victor’s Thruster (TK).

As for the player who has a counter-attacking style, the person who has a technical tendency to play, wants to send the bridge around the field to force the opponent to move to reveal a weak point and then finish. This game requires you to have good technique and good observation.

This game does not require a lot of physical strength. Anyone can choose this style of play, so depending on your fitness, you can choose a racket with a medium to hard hardness, or a racket weight depending on your fitness. With this style of play, you should choose racquets with a slightly wide head. Typically you can choose products Arcsaber by Yonex or Meter X by Victor. See more articles Yonex VOLTRIC 80 Review 2021

If you play a quick counter-attack, you should choose a racket with a medium to large head. The stiffness is moderate, the balance point is low. The lighter the weight of the racket, the easier it is for you to manage, so depending on your fitness you choose a reasonable racket

Fast attack, the counter push is a modern style of play that many athletes are using. This style of play requires a fairly comprehensive racket from attack to good counter-attack ability. For this style of play, the best racquet is medium to hard, with a small head. Racket with balance point above good balance.

Many people often have a small play style, especially female players. This game requires more dexterity than strength. With this style of play, you need a racquet that is not too hard, a balance point from light to balanced, a wide racquet to be able to easily control the racquet.

From the above explanations and suggestions, have you understood and found for yourself which professional badminton racket will be suitable for your playing style? Hopefully, you will be a formidable player for your opponents when choosing the right public racquets.

Distinguish professional badminton racket and professional badminton racket?

The distinction between professional and professional badminton rackets for many players, especially new players, is still very vague. Therefore, I will help you distinguish more clearly between these two types of racquets.
In fact, it is quite easy to distinguish between professional badminton rackets and professional badminton rackets. For some current badminton racquets, manufacturers also specify each racquet as professional or professional. You just need to pay a little attention and you will notice it right away. These concepts are sometimes written on the racquet body, the letters are quite small, you have to pay attention to see them.

  • Cong racquet: heavy head (heavy head) or offensive (offensive): suitable for smashes, strong hits, and deep bridges to the bottom of the court.
  • Attack-Defense Racket: even balance
  • Player racquet: light head or defensive: suitable for blocking, cutting. push the bridge, cut the bridge.

If you don’t see these concepts on the shaft, you can also tell them apart by examining the racquet as follows:
You just need to use your index finger, keep it straight and put the racket on the tip of your index finger, move it up and down so that the racket is completely horizontal on the index finger. When the racket is balanced, see if your index finger is closer to the top of the racket than it is to go and vice versa.

However, not everyone is suitable for professional racquets because most professional racquets require good health and a relative level of play. Therefore, those who use specialized rackets are young people who are strong, have good playing technique, and have good cross power.

As for the elderly, middle-aged, younger and weaker, or playing zigzag, taking the position and placing the bridge as the main, they often prefer light-headed rackets, professional badminton rackets.


Above is an introduction article about professional badminton rackets, I hope you know more about badminton rackets and understand the sport of badminton. Wish you will find yourself the best badminton racket and suitable for your level!

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Cleaning Boxing gloves

How to keep boxing gloves odor-free during training or boxing competition?

The training sessions last for many hours or compete in boxing techniques, your hands are more and more tired, sweat more and more. However, how to wash Boxing Gloves and how can you keep your gloves safe from odor during work time? Here’s the best way: Also, check out our guide to the Best Women’s Boxing Gloves on Wikipedia

Use boxing gloves:

Boxing Gloves are the best choice to avoid running out of moisture because the gloves have the ability to absorb sweat from the hands, not letting odors regulate and finally, keeping the gloves odor-free throughout the activity. motion. or contests.

Clean your handkerchief at least after two training sessions or competitions. Otherwise, it may smell on your gloves.

Cleaning Boxing gloves

Here’s how to wear a handwrap:

Overall, there are three steps summarized in this article that include some extra steps to help you clean your gloves properly to keep them safe from all aspects of harm.


The first step is the basis of cleaning and it also includes additional steps for cleaning to a greater extent. Follow the steps to properly clean gloves.



First of all, you need to take your gloves out of your pocket as soon as you get back from long hours of training or competition to provide the perfect airflow for the gloves.
The reason behind that is that whenever you take your gloves off your hands after using them, bacteria start to act up suddenly inside. The bacteria feed on the sweat and start to grow rapidly in such a way that it is better for you to take the glove out of the pocket immediately to let air get inside the glove and take away all the sweat which is food for bacteria bacteria grow.


After taking the gloves out of the bag, you need to wrap a soft cloth or towel around your hand and wipe each part of the glove with your hands.
Wipe both gloves slowly so that the fabric can absorb moisture to a greater extent.


After wiping, clean the inner and outer surfaces of the gloves with the vinegar cleaning method.

1.By using vinegar:

Make a solution of half water and half white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
Transfer the solution to a spray bottle.
Spray on all surfaces inside and outside of gloves.
Wipe clean several times with a soft cloth or towel.
2.By using tea tree oil:

If you want more anti-bacterial, make a solution of half water and vinegar with 10 drops of tea tree oil.
Transfer to spray bottle, wipe clean.
You are done disinfecting your gloves…

Do not use harsh chemicals to spray your gloves.
Do not use FEBREZE on your gloves as it may cause glove stiffness.

Conditioning is another important extra step of the initial cleaning process.

Prepare conditioner at home using lemon essential oil or buy it from the market to clean leather.
Apply a few drops of conditioner to the outside of the glove and use a (lint-free) cloth to evenly apply the conditioner.
Allow some time for the conditioner to do its job and then wipe it off with a soft cloth or towel.
You have completed your initial cleaning process. Now, let’s move on to the second step.

If you are a beginner, please read our list of the 10 Best Gloves for Beginners review here: Best Gloves Boxing under 100 bucks

PART 2: Drying and deodorizing boxing gloves

Here are the details of the second step described below, from which you can choose a possible method to dry your boxing gloves.

After completing the initial cleaning and sanitizing of the gloves, proceed to dry the gloves to prevent bacteria growth and moisture absorption. Dry your gloves by following these steps and keep them free of bacteria:

To provide a much larger surface air supply so that the air goes in and out properly, open the wristband to enough level to provide excellent airflow.
Store gloves in a well-ventilated area or underneath an open fan or near an open window to maximize the amount of air reaching the glove.
After drying, the bacteria will not have a chance to initiate its microbial activities on the glove.

Do not leave your gloves in the sun for more than 20 to 30 minutes because direct sunlight kills bacteria but can damage the leather of the gloves.

If you don’t like the air drying method, use dry newspaper to clean this step.

Make some loose balls of newspaper.
Insert newspaper pellets into all parts of the glove.
Leave them on for a few hours to absorb excess moisture.
After hours, take them all.
If you see moisture afterwards, repeat the process using fresh pieces of newspaper. If not, then you’re done ‘drying it up.

If you don’t have enough time to follow the steps above, you can simply use a blow dryer to completely dry your boxing gloves. Follow the steps!


Do not use the dryer’s hot setting as excessive heat can damage the glove’s material.
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