Do you really understand all about professional badminton rackets?

The question “do you use professional badminton rackets or professional players?” is making you embarrassed and confused because you don’t know how to answer when you are a longtime player.

You do not understand what is professional badminton racket, a professional badminton racket. Don’t worry, reading the following article will answer all the problems related to professional and professional badminton rackets.

What is a professional badminton racket?

A specialized badminton racket is a phrase used very commonly in the sport of badminton, but not everyone understands its meaning. So below, I will explain the basics of the phrase specialized badminton racket for you
What is a specialist? The simplest understanding is to specialize in attacks. Specialized badminton rackets often support better offensive players.

However, depending on the attacking style of play, there will be different types of specialized badminton rackets. If you have a good racquet that is not suitable for your playing style, that racquet will not do its job well. Here, I will advise you to choose the right racquet for your playing style.

If you are a racquet that specializes in attacking the opponent, it requires you to have abundant physical strength, so you should choose a hard, head-heavy racquet with a moderate head, not too big. You can find famous racquets like Yonex’s Voltric and Victor’s Thruster (TK).

As for the player who has a counter-attacking style, the person who has a technical tendency to play, wants to send the bridge around the field to force the opponent to move to reveal a weak point and then finish. This game requires you to have good technique and good observation.

This game does not require a lot of physical strength. Anyone can choose this style of play, so depending on your fitness, you can choose a racket with a medium to hard hardness, or a racket weight depending on your fitness. With this style of play, you should choose racquets with a slightly wide head. Typically you can choose products Arcsaber by Yonex or Meter X by Victor. See more articles Yonex VOLTRIC 80 Review 2021

If you play a quick counter-attack, you should choose a racket with a medium to large head. The stiffness is moderate, the balance point is low. The lighter the weight of the racket, the easier it is for you to manage, so depending on your fitness you choose a reasonable racket

Fast attack, the counter push is a modern style of play that many athletes are using. This style of play requires a fairly comprehensive racket from attack to good counter-attack ability. For this style of play, the best racquet is medium to hard, with a small head. Racket with balance point above good balance.

Many people often have a small play style, especially female players. This game requires more dexterity than strength. With this style of play, you need a racquet that is not too hard, a balance point from light to balanced, a wide racquet to be able to easily control the racquet.

From the above explanations and suggestions, have you understood and found for yourself which professional badminton racket will be suitable for your playing style? Hopefully, you will be a formidable player for your opponents when choosing the right public racquets.

Distinguish professional badminton racket and professional badminton racket?

The distinction between professional and professional badminton rackets for many players, especially new players, is still very vague. Therefore, I will help you distinguish more clearly between these two types of racquets.
In fact, it is quite easy to distinguish between professional badminton rackets and professional badminton rackets. For some current badminton racquets, manufacturers also specify each racquet as professional or professional. You just need to pay a little attention and you will notice it right away. These concepts are sometimes written on the racquet body, the letters are quite small, you have to pay attention to see them.

  • Cong racquet: heavy head (heavy head) or offensive (offensive): suitable for smashes, strong hits, and deep bridges to the bottom of the court.
  • Attack-Defense Racket: even balance
  • Player racquet: light head or defensive: suitable for blocking, cutting. push the bridge, cut the bridge.

If you don’t see these concepts on the shaft, you can also tell them apart by examining the racquet as follows:
You just need to use your index finger, keep it straight and put the racket on the tip of your index finger, move it up and down so that the racket is completely horizontal on the index finger. When the racket is balanced, see if your index finger is closer to the top of the racket than it is to go and vice versa.

However, not everyone is suitable for professional racquets because most professional racquets require good health and a relative level of play. Therefore, those who use specialized rackets are young people who are strong, have good playing technique, and have good cross power.

As for the elderly, middle-aged, younger and weaker, or playing zigzag, taking the position and placing the bridge as the main, they often prefer light-headed rackets, professional badminton rackets.


Above is an introduction article about professional badminton rackets, I hope you know more about badminton rackets and understand the sport of badminton. Wish you will find yourself the best badminton racket and suitable for your level!

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