Should I wear a cloth mask or a medical mask to fight the epidemic?

Wearing a cloth mask is soft and easy to breathe, so many people like to use it, but also wonder if wearing a cloth mask is good, can it prevent virus infection?

Should I wear a cloth mask or a medical mask to fight the epidemic

In fact, most types of masks such as 3,4-layer medical masks, 3M masks, N95 medical masks, cloth masks… can be used to prevent droplets from people around such as cough, sneezing, nasal mucus, spitting clinging. Therefore, if people cannot buy medical masks, they should not be too worried, but can instead wear regular cloth masks.
However, wearing a medical mask, also known as an active mask, is a disposable mask, a cloth mask can be used many times, so it is necessary to have several pieces to perform regular washing at least once/ day.

How to wear a mask properly

According to experts, for people in the community, to prevent the epidemic, just wear a cloth mask or a regular 3.4-layer medical mask. Other specialized masks (3M, N95) are for use in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.
When wearing a mask, you must cover both your nose and mouth, avoid touching the mask when wearing it.
For normal medical masks, it is necessary to wear the blue side out and the white side in, with the aluminum clip facing up.
When you want to remove the mask, avoid touching the mask with your hand because it may infect your hands with viruses and other pathogens. When removing, only hold the strap over the ear to remove it.
For regular cloth masks, it is recommended to regularly wash the mask with soap to reuse and regularly wash your hands with soap to prevent illness.

What to do when you forget to bring a mask?

In some cases, if you forget to bring a medical mask, cloth mask, etc., if you want to cough or sneeze or blow your nose, it is best to use a tissue and then put it in a trash can with a lid. cover. If you don’t have a tissue with you, you should cough or sneeze into your elbow, avoid covering your mouth with your hands because when infected hands cough or sneeze, they will stick to objects that the sick person holds such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, stairs, dishes, glasses or shaking hands with others… Therefore, the virus attached to these items has the opportunity to spread to others when they touch them.